Bri's compassion and appreciation for the great outdoors lead her to her love and understanding of animals. She grew up with dogs, cats, horses etc... and she always felt like part of the pack. Bri feels a special connection, understanding and bond with each animal she comes in contact with. Bri has been exploring and hiking the Adirondack Mountain Preserves since a young age and she states "My adventures are never complete without a canine companion by my side, to be free in the great outdoors is a blissful, soulful experience for myself and every canine I've had the pleasure of exploring with." Bri spent over a year in the city of Baltimore, Maryland where she continued her journey and became more involved with canines by volunteering at local animal rescue and adoption shelters, landing a lead Pet Tech gig at a local Dog Daycare & Boarding facility and most importantly rescuing her sidekick pitbull, Miles, who has inspired her to chase her dream of helping & Teaching as many dogs and owners as possible !

From walking packs of adoptable dogs to evaluating their behavioral skills alongside professional trainers in chaotic city, shelter and daycare settings, Bri gained a great deal of knowledge and compassion for helping dogs achieve balance through exercise enrichment, clear communication and an understanding of canine behavior as well as each dogs individual needs. "A balanced, strong relationship is what every canine and owner should be striving to achieve. This can only be reached through correct exercise, training to build mutual trust and respect and of course an understanding of the canine language. Bri is here to assist, teach, educate and guide you to achieve a quality life with your dog! We are so fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers and forever wild preserves that serve as one of our greatest training tools. Exploring through nature is a natural, organic experience for ourselves and our canines and we never take it for granted ! LETS WORK TOGETHER!!

Brianna Rabine